Pastor Eva Smith

The Pentecostal Message was first preached in the Blue Springs area in the late 1910's.  It was in a church right here on this property.  The church was called Holiness Church. In the late 1920's it was torn down. Between the years that there was no church building, church was held in a brush-arbor.  Stories have been told about Rev. Lloyd Logan that came through preaching the gospel, singing and telling the news about the Lord.  We hear that the Holy Ghost swept through here and that many were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Mrs. Eva Smith, Ilar Shiver, Selven and Myrtle Smith,  Carrie Shehane, and a few others built the brush-arbor and held Pentecostal meetings on the grounds where the old church building now stands.

Years later a church building was built and Mrs. Eva Smith was the first pastor.

Family and friends still tell the story of how Mrs. Eva and her friends would ask for donations.  They would walk from house to house asking the people to donate whatever they could.  Sometimes it would be chickens, eggs, flour, etc.  Mrs. Eva would sell the donated items and use the money to buy the materials that were needed for the church building.  When she first began her door to door solicitation for funds, someone asked her what she had so far in donations.  Her reply was, "Only two chickens."  (Those two chickens were only worth about $1.00.)  The person inquiring about Mrs. Eva's donations told her that she would never build a church with just two chickens.  Thank God she kept on going.  Because of her and those that helped her, we have a place to worship the Lord today.

Building New Sanctuary

Rev. Billy B. Bryan was elected pastor of Calvary in 1979. While Brother Bryan was here, the fellowship hall was added, additional land was purchased. A new and larger sanctuary was built shortly after the purchase of the land. The first services were held in the new sanctuary in 1986. Brother Bryan gave 10 years of faithful ministry to Calvary Assembly of God before he resigned in 1989.

In October 1994, Rev. Randy Adams was elected as pastor. Pastor Randy had been serving as Youth Pastor for more than a year. His ministry was being directed from Youth ministry into Pastoral ministry by the Lord even before the door opened at Calvary. During the first two years of Pastor Adams' ministry, renovation was done to the old sanctuary to make an up-to-date educational building for Sunday School classes, Youth Sanctuary and more. The grounds were beautifully landscaped. The land for the softball field was cleared and leveled during 1996. Mr. Joe Carpenter donated time, use of his equipment, and assistance from his employees.

In 2001, we saw God do great things. Construction on the Educational Building was underway. God began "building" on the inside of people as He touched them spiritually, physically and materially. He began to mature people to be used for His service. We saw many people go to the next level with God. In 2002, the Educational Building was completed that housed the new rooms for Sunday School, Missionettes, Royal Rangers and Children's Church. The Senior Pastor and the Administrator's offices were also completed and moved into. We held our first In-house Church Revival (Teaching the Word).

In 2011, additional land was purchased which will provide the necessary room for our next phase.

Pastorial History

1938 - 1940 Rev. Eva Smith

1940 - 1956 Rev. Myrtice Herring & Rev. Howard Dubose

1956  Rev. D. Lee Smith

1956 - 1957 Rev. Myrtice Herring

1958 - 1962 Rev. Shelly Helms

1963 - 1968 Rev. Howard Dubose

1968 - 1979 Rev. Archie L. Moon

1979 - 1989 Rev. Billy R. Bryan

1990 - 1992 Rev. Billy Fortune

1992 - 1993 Rev. Mark Cunningham

1993 - 1994 Rev. Gary Cook

1994 - Present Rev. Randy Adams